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The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success is an organization of schools that came together to improve the college application process for all students by offering a single, centralized resource for students to research schools; collect and organize application materials; collaborate with counselors on school lists, essays and materials; and finally to assemble and submit applications to the Coalition member schools on their college list.


Key Concept

The screen shots shown here require that you have a Coalition account and be logged into the system.


Here is a short overview of the steps you can take to begin –- and complete -- the entire application process.   You can start with any of the steps listed below but finalizing and submitting your applications will depend on completing certain steps.  There are help articles and a MyCoalition Counselor section of the FAQ with more information on each of the steps along the way – but this article walks you through the whole process. 


All of the pieces in the process are accessible in the menu at the top of your home page, pictured above. Menu options are:

Home – Your Dashboard
Set up contacts, check your college list or track your progress toward completing different sections of your profile.  The home page provides quick access to key parts of the application process.


Your Profile - Enter information about yourself
The Profile Sections were designed by members of the Coalition to make it easy for you to enter and organize basic information about yourself, your family, your interests, extracurricular activities, and your academic record in a single place.  The information you provide becomes part of your application for each of the Coalition schools to which you apply – without additional work in your part.

Key Concept

You can begin working on your profile as early as your first year of high school and continue to add to it, and edit it, until you start submitting applications to Coalition colleges. The help contains more about working on your profile.

Your Locker – Start storing images, documents, and projects

Use the locker for finished products or works in progress.  You can ask your counselor for feedback on an essay or an image of your art project.  Your locker is secure and private unless you choose to share one of the items you’ve stored.  When it’s time to submit your applications, choose from materials in your locker, for example, an essay you want to submit to one school or an art project for another.  The system knows how to assemble your profile information and all of the companion materials you’ve selected to complete your application to a specific Coalition school.


Your College List – Research and select your top college choices,  order SAT scores
As early as your first year of high school, you can start researching colleges and adding those that interest you to your personal list of colleges. 

A Start Application button () either on a Coalition member’s landing page or next to the school’s name in your college list tells you which schools are ready to receive your application for admission. See this article for more about applying to college. If you have a CollegeBoard account, you can also choose to order copies of your SAT scores to be sent directly to any colleges on your list.

Key Concept

You can search the entire list of colleges and universities on the Coalition site.  Just click on the school’s name to visit its website, or for Coalition members, a landing page listing application requirements and a link to start the application process.  You can create and store your entire college list here for review with your counselor, but you can apply only to Coalition institutions using this application platform.   This page of member schools lists all the colleges currently associated with the Coalition.  


Completing and Submitting Applications
You can begin college applications once you have started your senior year of high school. The more work you do beforehand researching colleges and adding information to your Coalition profile and locker, the easier the application process will be.  Each college asks its own application questions, and may require different essays, recommendations and official documents.

Here’s your application checklist:

  • Finalize your college list – make sure you know where you want to submit applications and have included those schools in your college list
  • Check the application requirements and deadlines for each of the Coalition schools on your list. You can find them on the schools’ landing pages.  All of them will have different requirements, will ask you to request official documents from your high school and recommendations from teachers or counselors, and will want you to fill out supplemental questions as part of each institution’s own application process.
  • Request official documents and recommendations as soon as you know they are required. Before starting any college applications, you can request letters of recommendation, and other official documents (such as a high school transcript) which are submitted to colleges on your behalf by others. All documents and recommendations that you’ve requested are listed in your locker so you can see their status (in progress, complete, and so on). When you apply to a college, you'll be able to select the documents and recommendations from your locker that you want to submit with your application.  You can ask several teachers, counselors, and other adults for recommendations. See this article for more about how to request recommendations.
  • Check for completeness and accuracy of your profile. Your home page shows you the status of each section at a glance, but read through each section again for safe measure.
  • Run through the items that you’ve stored in your locker – make a list of which ones you want to submit to which schools.
  • Start your application by clicking the button next to the school’s name in your college list or go to the school’s landing page and click the ‘start application’ button. Choose from the application types offered, follow the directions and you’re on your way.

Help – Get more help if you need it

Check for a whole library of articles accessible from the Help link to guide college selection, provide a better understanding of financial aid or answer questions about a profile section.   If you need more assistance, contact the help desk via the link at the top of every article.










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