I need to create a StandOut Admissions Network account

In order to begin creating your profile, researching colleges, and working on college applications, you need a StandOut Admissions Network account. 

To create a new account, go to: https://www.standoutadmissions.com.

You are required to enter a minimum of your first name, last name, birth date, and email address before choosing a password.


  • You can only have one StandOut Admissions Network account associated with an email address. Do not sign up for an account using a shared address.

  • Birth date is required because the StandOut Admissions Network platform is only for students over the age of 13 years and is based on regulations from COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Agency. 

After entering information, a confirmation email is sent to the address you specified. Follow the link in that email to complete the account creation.

Who needs an account?

  • If you are a high school student or current college student interested in applying as a transfer, you'll need a StandOut Admissions Network account before you can work on and submit college applications.

  • If you are a school counselor or other student supporter, you'll need a StandOut Admissions Network account to collaborate and assist students.

What are the types of accounts?

When you initially sign up for your StandOut Admissions Network account, you'll specify whether you are a Student or Support user.


  • In order to apply for college, you must sign up as a Student user.
  • In order to be able to submit recommendations and other documents on behalf of students, you must sign up as a Support user.




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