Do I need a second StandOut Admissions Network account?

If you are a student
You should only need one StandOut Admissions Network account, which is associated with your high school coursework and college application process. You should use the same account throughout your high school career, saving items in your locker and researching colleges, throughout your college application process. 


If you are a student supporter
The StandOut Admissions Network system is designed so that students and their supporters have access to the different features that they need. However, there may be circumstances that require you to create a second StandOut Admissions Network account. For example, if you are a counselor or teacher who wishes to view the StandOut Admissions Network application from the student’s perspective, you will need to create a second account as a “student” user.


Best Practice

If you are a student supporter, such as a teacher, you may want to sign up for a second account as a student, to get an idea of the student experience.

Make sure to sign up for your student account with an address that is not your main work address.


It is important for student support users to consider the email they associate with their "student" StandOut Admissions Network account. When actual students add their support, they will search for the contact’s email address within the StandOut Admissions Network system. Therefore, if you work with applicants in an official or professional capacity (such as a counselor or teacher), students will most likely use your work email address to request your assistance within the system.

If your work email address is associated with your "student" account, an applicant will still be able to find you and request you as a contact, but you will not be able to take advantage of the student support features of the StandOut Admissions Network system, as these are only available to “student support” accounts.




If you believe you’ve associated the wrong email address with a specific account, see this article for instructions on changing the primary email address associated with your account. 





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