What web browsers and mobile devices are supported?

For optimal security and performance reasons, we recommend that you always run the latest version of the browser supported by your operating system. Supported browsers are:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge  

If you are in private browsing or incognito mode, you must disable it before accessing the StandOut Admissions Network platform.  

Mobile Access

StandOut Admissions Network administrators

The entire administrative system is supported on any mobile device running one of the supported browsers. However, form creation and other complex configuration tasks are best done on a larger screen.

Students and applicants

StandOut Admissions Network has been optimized to work on any mobile device running one of the supported browsers.

For My Story students

Desktop Browsers:

  • Video recording for My Story works best in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • Due to a bug in Firefox, users of that browser will need to mute their speakers while recording.
  • Video Recording is not supported in any version of Safari.


  • Video recording works on Chrome on Android (7.1.1) devices.
  • Video recording does not work on any iOS devices due to hardware restrictions on those devices.



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