Does it matter which email address I use to sign up?

If you have multiple email addresses, consider carefully which address you want to use to sign up for a StandOut Admissions Network account. The address you use is your official email address in the system, and is used to send you important information. It's also how other users will find you to add to their contacts.

Your account email address is especially important if you are a high school counselor or other supporter of students. The email address you sign up with is how other users will be able to connect with you in the StandOut Admissions Network system.

If you are a student
We recommend you use the email address most of your school-related contacts are likely to know for you. Don't use a shared email account -- such as your parent's email address -- or else your parent won't be able to use the system as a student supporter. 


An email address can only be associated with one StandOut Admissions Network account. Don't sign up with a shared email account.


If you are a non-student (for example, a high school counselor)
We recommend you use your official school email address for your student support account.

It's fine to sign up for multiple accounts. For example, you may be a high school counselor or teacher who also wants to sign up as a student, just to see the view that your students will see. See this article for important considerations on which email address to use when signing up for an account.

When a student adds you as a contact and specifies you are a teacher/counselor, they will use your official email address to find you in the system. If your work email address is associated with a private student account, you won't be able to take advantage of StandOut Admissions Network student support features with your contacts. So make sure that your Student Support account uses your work email address, and any additional accounts use your other email addresses.



If you sign up for multiple accounts, make sure that your "student support" account uses your official work address.





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