I want to change the email address I use to log into my StandOut Admissions Network account

Your main email address -- the one you'll use to log into the system -- is the one you signed up with. If you want to change which address you use for that:

  1. Click or tap Account Settings in the upper right.
  2. Select the Edit Account Info button.
  3. Under Contact Info, select "Edit contact info" or click Contact Info on the left side menu.
  4. Next to the main email, select Edit.
  5. Enter the new email address.
  • If the address is already associated with your account, you're done! 

  • If the address is one you haven't added previously, log into that email account, where you should have a message from "accounts@applyweb.com" containing a verification code. Paste the verification code into the field provided and click Verify.

This new main email address will now be the address you use when you log in.



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