MyCoalition to StandOut Admissions Network Transition FAQs

MyCoalition will transition to the StandOut® Admissions Network on July 1st. Your experience using StandOut Admissions will remain the same as it was on MyCoalition. Please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

While the outer look will change and some features have been streamlined for an enhanced experience, most of the changes you might notice will be the name change, logo and icon changes, and occasional color changes. The StandOut Admissions team will make this transition easy for all users.

What is the new URL?

Remember to bookmark the above link to ensure you're going to the correct site. 

What's happening with my past Submitted applications and saved information?

All of your submitted applications and important information remain secure. Any data saved to your MyCoalition profile and account will remain. Data submitted with your applications to specific schools may not be available. Please contact the school to which you applied to access past applications.

What's happening with my uploaded documents/my Locker?

Any documents you have uploaded to your Locker will remain there for you to access and share as needed.

What's happening with my Coalition Essay?

Your Coalition Essay will be removed from StandOut Admissions Network. Please contact the school to which you applied to see if they provide copies of past Coalition essays. 

Can I still use StandOut Admissions Network to apply to college?

Yes! Many colleges and universities are continuing to host their Applications on StandOut Admissions Network, making it easy for you to move any stored information from the documents in your locker, past test scores, and profile data, into new first year and transfer applications.

What happens if I applied to a school through MyCoalition that is not on StandOut Admissions Network?

You can still access some submitted application data (data submitted with your applications to specific schools may not be available), files stored in your locker, and your profile data on StandOut Admissions Network. For specific information about your application, including admittance decisions, please contact the school to which you applied.

What happens to my MyCoalition account?

Your MyCoalition Account is automatically turned into a StandOut Admissions Network account. Your login and password information remain the same. 

Is my account data changing or moving?

Your account data will remain the same as on your MyCoalition account and safe and secure with CollegeNET's Security policy and protection. You can access and change your account data at anytime using the tools under Account Settings.

Can I still send recommendation requests and letters of recommendation?

Yes, you can still send recommendation requests through StandOut Admissions Network. If you have any unofficial letters stored in your Locker, you still have access to those as well.

What happens to my test scores and send orders?

You can still access any information you have stored within your Locker if you uploaded unofficial test scores as files there. You will no longer have access to prior CollegeBoard Score Send test scores through StandOut Admissions Network. Please contact the school to which you have applied or CollegeBoard for specific information about receiving your tests.




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