What kind of student support account should I sign up for?

When you initially sign up for your StandOut Admissions Network account, you'll specify whether you are a Student or Support user.


If you selected Support during the account creation process, the first time you log in, you are asked to select one or more roles as a student support user. Your choices are: Counselor, Mentor, Parent/Guardian, Recommender,  Teacher, and Other.


Currently, there is no difference in your user experience based on which role you select. Pick whichever option(s) seem to best describe your work with students. If you're unsure, select Other. No matter which role you select, all student support users have access to the same set of features, such as:

  • Adding contacts (such as students you work with).
  • Collaborating with contacts (such as giving feedback on shared items in a students locker).
  • Submitting recommendations for students.

In the future, the StandOut Admissions Network system may offer additional features and options based on user role. Currently, it doesn't matter which role you select.



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