Keyboard shortcuts on the StandOut Admissions Network site

For users who aren't using a mouse or touchscreen, the StandOut Admissions Network site can be navigated using standard browser-based keyboard shortcuts. If the cursor focus is not moving onto links and buttons in StandOut Admissions Network as expected, you may need to change your browser settings.

For the most part, the usual keyboard shortcuts for each web browser work as expected on the StandOut Admissions Network site. Please contact Technical Support with any feedback or suggestions specific to our site.

Here are general notes about navigating the StandOut Admissions Network site using your keyboard:

  • Profile sections generally load with the focus on the first element of the form.
  • Use the tab key to move focus forward and use shift and tab to move it backwards in the page.
  • Use the Enter and Return key to activate links and buttons
  • Your arrow keys work on calendars when selecting a date.
  • Use the space key to make selections on radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • When accessing drop-down select menus:
    • Use Alt and Down Arrow to show all options.
    • Use Enter and Return to make a selection.
  • You can use the up and down arrow keys to change the value on number fields.

If you have difficulty using the Tab key to tab between links and buttons in modal windows, you may need to set a browser-specific setting to enable tabbed browsing to work.

  • To enabled tabbed browsing in Safari, activated tabbed navigation in  Preferences > Advanced > Accessibility
  • To enabled tabbed browsing in Firefox on a Mac, type "about.config" in the URL address bar and create a new "integer" pref set to "7" 

Please contact Technical Support if you encounter something that doesn't work the way you think it should. We are always refining and updating our site, and our developers welcome any feedback that can help us be more accessible.




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