Where can I get help about using the StandOut Admissions Network application system?

There are several ways to learn more about this system and the college application process is general.

  • Click or tap the Technical Support link to access a full list of all available FAQ questions. These are designed to assist you in navigating and using the system, and includes technical configuration information for administrators. You must be logged into the system to see most of the FAQ content. Users only see the appropriate FAQ content (for example, a student sees only the Student and General FAQ, while a college administrator sees additional Administrator FAQ sections).



If all you see are General FAQ questions, use the Sign In button at the top of the page to log into your StandOut Admissions Network account. If you don't have a StandOut Admissions Network account, sign up for an account to access the full Technical Support information.


  • If you still have questions, click or tap Submit a request on this page to open a help ticket.




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