Personal Information Section

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This profile section collects basic information about you, such as your name, date of birth and email address.  As you complete this profile section, you’ll notice that the information you used to set up your account is already there.  You can edit this information but here are a few things to note as you work through this profile section.

Your First Name and Last Name – Please use your legal or given name for these two fields.  Colleges will use your name to help match different documents submitted on your behalf during the application process.  You will have other opportunities to add your preferred name and/or other names associated with your personal and academic records.  

Email Address – This is an important account identifier. If you change your primary email address at any time, it's important to change your Account Information.  Instructions for changing your account's email address. 

Preferred Name – This is an optional way for you to tell colleges what you like to be called, if it’s different from your given first name.

Legal Sex – Federal guidelines require that the legal sex of each applicant be reported as female or male in this section. Typically this is the sex indicated on the birth certificate.

Gender Identity (optional) - In this optional field, you may provide additional information about your gender/gender identity if you wish. Some StandOut Admissions Network colleges and universities may also ask additional questions regarding this subject and/or sexual orientation in their application. 

US Social Security Number – While this is an optional field, you are strongly encouraged to enter your social security number if you have one because it is tied to your eligibility for federal financial aid and is used to help match your application records to other records received on your behalf during the application process.

Armed Forces Status - Provide information about your status as a member of the armed forces (or specify if you aren't one). If your status is “Currently serving” or “Previously served,” you'll see a list of all the StandOut Admissions Network colleges who will waive your application fee.

When did or will you graduate from high school or receive equivalency? - Enter a date (yyyy-mm-dd).

Current enrollment status and planned date to begin college studies - This information helps colleges understand your planned timeline. The information you enter here is intended to be your best guess, and is not binding.

Whether you plan to apply for need-based financial aid - This is based on your family’s ability to pay for your tuition, fees, room, board and estimated personal expenses. It can include grant aid from federal, state or institutional sources that you do not have to pay back. It can also include loans from federal or institutional sources that you do have to pay back or work-study which is a part-time job at the school where you enroll. If you do indicate that you intend to apply for need-based aid, you’ll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and, for some schools, an institutional financial aid application.

Whether the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected your personal or educational situation - These questions allow schools to better understand if the pandemic has resulted in job, health, childcare, educational, or other changes for you or your family.

Whether you participate in a Community-Based Organization (CBO) - A Community Based Organization is a group (for example, a neighborhood or church-based organization) that provides free assistance with your college application process, academic support or other education goals. If you answer yes, you'll be asked to enter the name and advisor contact information for each one you work with. You can enter up to five.




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