Demographic Information Section

This profile section collects information about your racial/ethnic background and your primary language.  Although the racial/ethnic information is optional, you are strongly encouraged to complete this section because colleges rely on having racial/ethnic information in the aggregate to measure their effectiveness in attracting and creating a diverse student community.

Race/Ethnicity Questions - the racial/ethnic categories, the order in which they are asked and their definitions follow the guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education and the Census Bureau.   Click the + icon to the right of each racial or ethnic category to see a detailed definition.  Mark all of the categories that apply to you.

If you select American Indian or Alaskan Native, type your tribal name in the search field provided, and select the correct option below. If your tribal name is not found, type it manually in the field provided.

The list of tribal names comes from the US Department of the Interior. You can review the entire list at:

Language(s) Known – use the drop-down list to designate each language you know and your proficiency level (ability to speak/read/etc) in that language.

Primary Language Spoken at Home – use the drop-down list to designate the language typically used in your home

Colleges collect this information to use as a whole to measure overall student diversity, not to track individual applicants in any way.



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