Completing My Story

Completing My Story is a great way to start your college journey. With a few easy steps, you will be on your way with expert advice and information on finding the best colleges for you. You will also receive invitations to virtual events to help you plan for your future.


Watch the video below or continue reading to learn how to complete My Story.

About Me

In the About Me section you’ll answer a few pages of questions about yourself, such as your high school, how to contact you, and what you like to study.mceclip2

My Story Video

Next, record a video response to one of the My Story prompts. As more colleges require admission videos, the My Story video is a simple and fun introduction to help you get comfortable on camera.


Video recording works best in Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Mobile video recording works on Chrome on Android (7.1.1) devices. Video recording does not work on any iOS devices due to hardware restrictions on those devices.

You can erase and re-record your video as many times as you like. The video will be stored in your private locker, and can’t be seen by anyone unless you specifically share it with them.    

Your Locker

Finally, upload files to your Locker you’d like to save for later. You can store almost anything in your Locker, and, like your video, it will be kept private unless you decide to share it with someone else.


You can make your story even more your own with a photo, introduction, or personal website. Down the road when you’re ready to apply to college, your story will be waiting for you!



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