Family Information Section

This profile section collects information about your family, its size and composition.  Colleges are interested in this information because it helps them understand you and your family better.  Although information about your parents’ and siblings’ education levels and your parents’ occupations is not required, you are strongly encouraged to provide as much detail as you can about your parents and siblings so that colleges have a better understanding of your home life.

Note that colleges are very interested in knowing whether any of your parents, guardians or siblings are alumni.  If you’re thinking about applying to a school that a parent, grandparent or sibling attended, it’s another reason for completing the section about your parents’ and siblings’ educational attainment.  

Who is in your household? You can select as many of the options (such as parents, siblings) as you need. Your answers determine which additional questions you'll see below.

What is the highest level of education earned by any of your parents? – (Note: this question is only asked if your parents are not in your household. Otherwise, if you do specify your parents and their education level(s), we automatically calculate which is the highest level.)  Choose from the drop down list.  

Household Size – For this question, count all of the people supported within your household including yourself, siblings, parents and grandparents who live with you.

With whom do you live permanently? - Select the answer that best describes your permanent home. Select Other if none of the options is correct for you.

Parents' Marital Status - Select the option that describes your parents in relation to each other (Married, Divorced, etc). Select Other if none of the options is correct for you. Enter the year they were divorced if your parents are divorced.

Enter additional information that pertains to you, such as:

Parents/Guardians –  You might include step-parents or grandparents as well as biological parents when answering this question.  Once you specify the number, you’ll be given an opportunity to provide more information about each parent or guardian, such as email address (required), and his or her relationship to you, highest level of educational attainment and current occupation and place of work. For "Place of Work" you can enter the business name or address or any other information that represents their workplace. To add an additional Parent/Guardian, click the Add Another Parent button.

Parent/Guardian Name – This should be the parent’s or guardian’ first name and last name.

Relationship to You – Choose from the drop-down list.  

Contact Information – Address and email address are not required but are highly recommended. StandOut Admissions Network colleges may include parents/guardians in application communications if a postal or email address is provided.

Highest Level of Education –Choose from the drop down list.  If you choose an advanced degree (beyond the bachelors), additional input areas are displayed for your parent’s advanced degree, field and educational institution. 

Name of Educational Institution - Begin typing the name of the institution to activate the institution “finder”.  The name will be completed for you.

Degree Name – Choose from the drop-down list.

Field Name – Enter the subject area for your parent’s degree.

Year Degree Received – Enter the 4-digit format for the year the degree was awarded.

Siblings – You can include full and/or half siblings in your answer as well as children of a step-parent who are part of your extended family.   When you specify the number, you’ll be given an opportunity to provide more information about each sibling, his or her relationship to you, birth date and the highest educational level attained by your sibling. To add additional siblings, click the Add Another Sibling button. 





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