Honors & Distinctions Section

This profile section collects information about honors and distinctions that you received during high school.  If you don't want to enter any, you must check the box "I prefer not to enter..." in order to mark this section as complete.

Colleges are interested in this information because it helps them understand the achievements that are especially important to you.  These honors and distinctions might include academic honors, sports awards, placing in musical competitions, and/or awards in photography or debate contests.

This section lets you add up to five honors or distinctions in order of importance to you.

Use the Add An Honor/Distinction button to add additional honors and distinctions.

For each item, provide the following:

Honor/Distinction – Provide the name of the honor/distinction.

Level – Choose the level for this honor or distinction from the drop-down list

Grade Received – Choose from the drop-down list the grade you were in when you received this honor or distinction.



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