My high school is not listed

When filling out the High School Information section of the profile, you are asked to enter your current high school, by searching for it by name and then selecting it on the list of search results. The StandOut Admissions Network system uses a standard high school list. Currently, only organizations on that list are searchable in the StandOut Admissions Network system. ​If you are unable to locate your school within the school search database, you can always enter it manually as "School not found."

  1. Type in two or more characters to begin searching. You can search by school name or US city. If you can't find your school by city or name, try entering the school's CEEB code. There's a list of US high schools and their codes here:, or ask your counselor for your school's code.

  2. If you are home-schooled, search for the name of a home-schooling organization you are affiliated with. If you're not affiliated with any school, follow the instructions below to enter your school information manually.

 For schools not in the database
If your school does not have a code:

1. Select the “School not found” option located below the school search.
2. Manually enter the correct information about the specific program, organization, or school.

The StandOut Admissions Network is planning to add additional school organizations to the database in the future.



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