Begin a college application

To begin an application:

1. Add a college you're interested in your list. Colleges on your list are shown below the search area. This article provides additional instruction about adding colleges to your list. 

2.  If the college is a StandOut Admissions Network member, and is currently accepting applications, click or tap the Start Application (start_application.jpeg) button.

You must be at least a high school senior (a student with an expected graduation date of this school year) to be able to begin applications. If you are not a high school senior, more information is provided here.

High school graduates and college students wishing to transfer can also apply to colleges with open applications.

Only colleges with currently open applications have a Start Application button. See this article for more information about which colleges are accepting applications this year.for more information about which colleges are accepting applications this year.

3. Specify what type of applicant you are, and click or tap Continue. If you're not sure which type of applicant you are, click or tap the "View Requirements" link to learn more.


4. Select Start Application (start_application.jpeg). This is only available if the college has open terms.



If you have profile sections that need to be completed, click or tap the name of a Profile section to go directly to it. 


5. Follow all the links to the various application parts to complete the college's application. These steps vary depending on what the college wants to ask applicants, and what type of applicant you are (for example, a first year or a transfer).


In many cases, you must compete one part of the application before another part  becomes available. For example, you may need to select your program and term before you can see what recommendations and essays are required.

If you want to apply for Early Decision, be sure to specify that early in your process when selecting a term, since it requires printing a paper form and getting signatures on it.




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