SAT/ACT Section

This section asks about the SAT/ACT standardized tests that you might have taken during your years in high school:

  • SAT (from the College Board)
  • ACT (from ACT)


Depending on your answer to the primary question for each test type, a test-specific set of questions will be displayed. 

For example, if you took the SAT, answer ‘Yes’ to the SAT question, then choose from the drop down list the number of SAT exam scores you are choosing to report in this section. 

If you answered "Yes" to the SAT question, you can follow the link to the Colleges Page if you'd like to begin the process of ordering your test scores directly from College Board.

Enter a score for each test you report. If you have not yet received your scores, check the box to note that. The valid range of scores for each test type is displayed just below the score input box.  If you enter a score that is out of range, you will receive an alert.  



Highest Total Score is the total of one complete test
For "Highest Total Score" enter one total score from one full test taken on one date (even if that date was not your highest score on an individual section).

Highest score on each section can be from different dates
If you have taken any of the tests more than once, enter the highest score you achieved for each test component even if you achieved those high scores during different test sessions.  You’ll be asked to enter the test date for each component score reported.

More about score reporting for redesigned tests

The SAT was re-designed and introduced as a new version in March, 2016.  You can enter scores for either or both versions of the SAT:

  • Select "I took the SAT before March 2016" to display input options for the older SAT components and scores
  • Select "I took the redesigned SAT after March 2016" for input options for the re-designed SAT components and scores.

Scoring for the ACT writing test changed in April 2016. For tests taken prior to that date, the maximum score was 36. For tests taken after that date, the maximum score is 12.  Enter your actual score in this field, and colleges will know from the date which scoring  was used when you took it.



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