Sharing a document for feedback

Sharing is a way for you to have a conversation with your contacts about any document you choose to share with them. Once you share a document, a collaboration space allows you to comment back and forth with the contact you shared it with. For example, you could share a personal essay with your teacher, and get feedback on whether the opening paragraph is well-written. Or you could share your in-progress application to a college to get feedback on it from your counselor.

  • When commenting back and forth on shared Files (such as essays), the conversation is attached to one specific draft of the document. When you upload a new version, it is posted in the locker as a separate document which must be shared to start a new conversation.
  • When commenting back and forth on a shared Generated PDFs (such as in-progress applications), the conversation is preserved even you regenerate it. Newly generated PDFs overwrite the previous one, keeping the sharing and conversation in place.


If you share a document with more than one contact, each person will only be able to see their own conversation with you on that particular document.


Once a document is shared, when you view that document, contacts who are collaborators are listed next to it. Under each contact's name are any messages written by you or that contact.

To use the collaboration space:

  1. Select a contact name to open the conversation.
  2. Type a comment in the field provided.
  3. Click or tap Send. Your comment will be seen by that contact when viewing this shared document.
  4. If the contact replies, their comment(s) will be shown there as well.


See the article Add and remove files in my locker for more about adding media files to your locker.

See the article How to share a file with a contact for more about how to enable sharing. 





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