How do I request transcripts and other official documents?

Your locker is a place to keep official documents (such as grade reports and transcripts) and recommendation letters. Any documents that are requested by one or more colleges you're applying to are listed in the "Official Documents" section.  

When filling out an application, you can also request these items if they're not already available in your locker.

1. Click or tap Request for the item you need (such as a Mid-Year Grades).
To request a document from a counselor or other supporter:


2. Enter the contact name of the person who can upload this official document (for example, your school counselor), and click or tap Continue.


If the person is not yet your contact in the StandOut Admissions Network system, they will receive an invitation to join the StandOut Admissions Network site before they can respond to the request. Once they join the StandOut Admissions Network site, they'll automatically be your contact and see your request.

3. On the confirmation dialog, confirm the contact is correct, and click or tap Continue. A request is sent to the contact.

4. Information about the request, including its status, is now listed under Official Documents.


Click or tap the OPTIONS button to manage this document:

  • Cancel: cancels an existing request that has not yet been uploaded by the requested contact.
  • Change: removes this request so you can  send a new request to a different contact. 

The options vary depending on the document's status (for example, if the contact hasn't uploaded it yet, you can cancel the request).






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