Activities/Experience Section

This profile section collects information about your extracurricular activities. Colleges are interested in this information because it helps them understand how you spend your time when you’re not in class, whether you have a job, have family responsibilities, play sports or enjoy volunteer work.

This section asks about the primary extracurricular activities that occupied your time during or right after high school. You may enter up to eight extracurricular activities.

Remember that you’ll have another opportunity to expand on your extracurricular activities when you get to the college-specific applications and essays.

Key Concept

At this time, there's no way for you to re-order activities once you enter them. If you want them to appear in a certain order, enter them in that order.

Activity Name – Provide the name of a club, sport, job or activity.

Category – Choose a category for your activity from the drop-down list.

When did you participate in this activity? – Choose one or more of the options in drop-down list.

How many weeks per year did you participate in this activity? – This is meant to get your best estimate of the number of weeks during the school year or summer in which you engaged in this activity.

Hours per week – These two questions together let you define the range of hours that you spent on this activity during the busiest and least busy times.

Brief description of the primary function of this activity – This question is intended to let you put the activity into a context.  If your activity was volunteer work, for example, you might describe the type of service provided; or if it was a job, describe the type of work you typically performed.

List any positions/honors/awards received in this activity – If you held an office, earned a badge, placed in a championship, or received a letter of appreciation, for example, you should list in this section any form of recognition that you received for your participation in this activity.

Leadership/Shared leadership – Select yes or no.



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