Profile check

At any time while working on your profile, you can turn on the profile Check feature to see which sections require work to be completed, and exactly which questions you still need to answer in those sections.

1. At the top of the page, turn on the Profile Check switch.


2. Red alert icons show which sections need work. In the following example, several sections are incomplete (for example, Demographic Information, Citizenship information, and more).


3. Go to an incomplete section, and all the questions you need to complete are also outlined in red. The heading of the page will be outlined in red with a message telling you how many fields need to be answered.


In the following example, the question about your legal last name needs to be answered.


4. Use the "Next" option to skip to the next item that needs your attention. 

5. At any time, you can remove the orange outlined errors by turning off Profile Check.







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