Add a new contact

1. Click or tap Home > Contacts in the top navigation.
2. Under Invite New Contact, enter First  Name, Last Name, and email address
3. Once you enter an address, you can specify a relationship if you choose. Check the box for the relationship type (for example, Teacher). If the relationship isn't listed, click "New Relationship" to enter a new type.


4. Select Invite (invite_button.jpeg). An invitation is sent to the contact at the email address you specified.  Once the person you invited accepts your request, they are listed on your Contacts page under Active Contacts. NOTE: Invited contacts without a StandOut Admissions Network account will be given instructions on how to sign up for an account in order to accept your invitation.

If you add a new contact who is a support user (such as your counselor), you are automatically connected to that person as a contact, and can immediately make a request for any official documents (such as a transcript) from that personAny documents you've already requested from another contact are not available to select.


Key Concept

If you request a recommendations, you must answer the question about whether you waive your right to view it. See the What does it mean to waive... article for more information.


5. Select Request Documents to complete the request, or No Thanks if you don't want to request any documents now.

6. Repeat these steps to add more contacts as needed. Remember, you can add new contacts and accept other people's requests to make you a contact at any time.




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