Add official documents to an application

Even if you've already requested a document and it's in your locker, you still need to add it to an application if you want to submit it to that college.

Not all colleges ask for the same documents! Make sure to refer to the application to see which recommendations and official documents are required and/or optional.

When working on an application, most colleges require you to add several official documents (such as transcripts and recommendations) to your application.

The Official Documents page of an application lists the types of documents you can add to it. In some cases, a college may allow additional optional documents up to a maximum (for example, one teacher recommendation is required, but you can attach up to three).

You can either add official documents on the Official Documents page or submit them through some other means (such as mail). Note that you must agree to the pledge on this page that says you understand you must submit all required documents to the college.

Adding documents to a college application
For each type of document requested by the college, either:

  • Select an existing document or recommendation from those already in your locker
  • Request a new document or recommendation from a contact

If a document is shown to be "Empty," that means you have not yet added anything to that application, and must do so.


If you have requested a transcript or recommendation from someone and they provided it to you, it is in your locker. You still need to add recommendations and other documents to your college applications.

Once you attach a document, you can either use it when you submit this application, or remove it and select a different document.




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