Select a program

When filling out the application for a college, you may be asked to select which program(s) you are applying to during the application process. To do so, you'll use a tool called Program Explorer.


You can view and search for programs by name, campus, academic interest, and more. The exact options for program selection may vary, depending on the college.


1.  Use the options at the top of the page to filter the list of programs you're viewing. These options vary from college to college. You can filter by multiple options at the same time, by selecting one option (such as Smith campus) and then selecting a second option (such as Jones campus).
To pick the program(s) you want to apply to:


Different colleges offer different ways for you to view and search their available programs. For example, some schools may offer a Campus option to filter the list, while schools with only one campus would not offer that option.

2. Click or tap any program to learn more about it on the Choose Your Program page. This page will always have a program name and description, and will have other information (for example which degrees it offers, or which campus it is offered) depending on information a college enters.


3. To choose that program, click or tap Select Program.

4. If you chose the program, select any required options (such as which campus, or which academic interest). Click or tap Confirm Program.

5. To return to the list of programs and choose another (if the college allows you to choose more than one), click or tap Back.

6. Once you have selected one or more programs, click or tap Continue Application to move to the next part of the application form.

If you are selecting more than one program, note that you can't select an additional program that doesn't share a term with the program(s) you already selected. 


7. To remove a program from your list of selected programs, go to its program page and click or tap Deselect Program. When prompted if you're sure, select Yes.

At any time during the selection process, you can return to the list of all programs by selecting Back to Programs. If you have already selected options (such as a campus), you can return to change those by following the Change Options link.








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