Privacy settings: who can see my locker and other data?

No one but you can see any of your data until you choose to share it. The StandOut Admissions Network system has different ways you can share your data, depending on what kind of data:

  • Profile data: When you fill out your profile information (such as name, address, high school information, and so on), it won't be shared with anyone else by default. You can opt in to share on a per-college basis and can turn off sharing at any time with the "stop sharing" option. See Share my profile information with a college for more information.
  • Application data: Once you begin an application, all profile data that a college wants is available to that college as an in-progress application. A college may or may not choose to download that in-progress application data. Once you submit your application to a college, the college will receive all your application materials (profile sections, uploads, and anything else they asked for).
  • Locker data: individual files are shared only with individual contacts of yours if you choose to share that document. You can un-share at any time. For information on sharing locker items, see How to share a media file with a contact.



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