What do I need to tell my counselor about how to submit recommendations and transcripts?

Some colleges will require official documents with your application, such as a current transcript, grade reports, and recommendations. There are a number of ways these can be delivered to the college.

Complete the following steps to determine how to proceed:

1. Ask your counselor how your high school sends official documents to colleges and universities.

2.  You have the option of either attaching documents via the StandOut Admissions Network site, or sending items to colleges separately (for example, if your high school counselors and others have told you they prefer to submit electronically or via US Mail). In all cases, you must affirm that you understand that it's your responsibility to make sure all required documents are received by the college.  Select the checkbox for "I have read and agree to the above" 



3. If your counselor and recommenders want to send documents through the StandOut Admissions Network system, navigate to the Official Documents section in your Locker and request documents from your counselor or recommender.

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