Add and remove files in my locker

In the StandOut Admissions Network system, your locker is divided into two sections:

  • Official Documents: Official items (such as transcripts or recommendations) that are uploaded by someone else (like a school counselor or teacher).
  • Files: Any other files that you upload and store in your locker (such as personal essays, music samples, and so on).

To add files to your locker:

1. Open your locker (there are multiple ways to do this, but you can always select Locker from the main navigation menu).
2. Select the Upload (locker_upload.jpeg) button.

Either drag and drop a file or use the browse option to select the file on your computer. Currently, most file types can be uploaded.

3. Select Add document to locker. The newly uploaded file is shown on the page with any other files you have uploaded.

To rename or download a file

You may want to give your file a meaningful name that others will understand. Click or tap the expandable item menu on the file icon (three dots) and select Rename file.

When you rename a file in your locker, the original file name and file type is preserved in the database. Renaming a file only changes the name that is displayed within your locker.

To download the file to your computer, select Download file.
To share a file

Click or tap the sharing icon (sharing_icon.jpeg). Type the name of a contact in the top field, and select that contact. You may choose to type a brief message. Select the Share button.

To preview a file

Click on the file name to open a preview. 


To delete a file

Click or tap the expandable item menu (three dots) and select Delete File. Select Confirm.



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