Cancel an application

If you have not yet submitted an in-progress application, you can choose to cancel it. Canceling means that any answers you saved will be lost.

 To cancel an in-progress application:

1. Select Colleges from the top navigation.

2. Locate the college with the application you want to cancel.

3. Select the three-dot options menu to the right of the Continue Application button.


4. Click or tap Cancel Application.


5. Read the "Cancel Application" warning and be sure you want to cancel the application. If you choose to do so, select Cancel This Application. If you change your mind, select Keep This Application.


5. You can start a new application to the college at any time.

Some colleges choose to download data batches of applications in progress. If the college has already downloaded your in-progress application, note that they still have any information you entered before canceling the application.



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