How and why to collaborate about shared documents with your support contacts

As you probably know, you can share a document with a friend, counselor, teacher, or any person who is supporting you. OK, so you shared a document -- now what? Here are some things to consider when collaborating with your supporters on a document.

The purpose of collaboration

Collaboration has the benefit of another set of eyes and feedback, from trusted advisors.

Who should I ask to collaborate with me?

There are different possible people among your contacts: friends, counselor, teacher. mentor, parent, and so on.

How to incorporate the advice you get

Read each comment and consider it. You don't have to make every change that is suggested, but you should have good reasons for why you accept or reject each suggestion. Use the commenting features to open a dialogue with your collaborator. Ask for clarification if needed.

Once you have a new draft of your document, upload it to the StandOut Admissions Network site as usual. (See add and remove files in my locker if you need a reminder on how to upload files to your locker).  Share the newly-uploaded document with the people who you'd like to review this new draft.

For more information on sharing and how to share a document, see this article.



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