View and edit my recommendation requests

To view your existing recommendation requests (for example, to change an answer about whether you waive your right to view a recommendation):

1. Go to Locker > Official Documents.

2. Under each section (Counselor, Academic, and General Recommendations) is a list of all the recommendations you have requested.


The list shows the date you requested it, whether or not you waived rights to view the letter, and its status, such as:

  • Request sent: You have sent a request to a recommender. 
  • In Progress: The recommender has started the recommendation and is still working on it.
  • Completed: The recommender has completed and submitted the recommendation.
  • Provided by (name): The document was offered by a recommender, and you must accept or decline it.

3. To edit a request, select the Options button (options_button.jpeg).  The options there vary depending on the recommendation's status (for example, if the recommender hasn't started yet, you can cancel the request; if the recommendation has already been submitted, you can delete the recommendation).

You can change whether or not you waive your right to view the recommendation only if the status is New (meaning the recommender has not yet started it).

To change an answer about waiving your rights, select the Options button and click or tap "Change right to view" and select whether or not you waive your rights. See what does it mean to waive the right to view a recommendation for more about waiving your rights, and see Do I have to waive my right to view recommendations if you need more help making your decision.

4. To add a new recommender, select Add Recommender (add_recommender.jpeg). See more information about requesting recommendations.





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