Adding and removing official documents after submitting your application

After you submit an application, you may want to add a document (such as a final transcript or an additional recommendation) or remove one that has not yet been completed by the recommender and add a new recommendation instead. 

You can only remove an official document before it is marked as completed (which means the person has already submitted it to the college), or if it is Cancelled, Declined, or Invalid. You can't replace a document once it is Complete.

To add a recommendation or other document to a submitted application

1. Go to your College List.

2. Locate a college you submitted an application to, and click or tap View Submission 

3. Scroll down to the application sections, and expand Official Documents and expand each individual item using the down arrow (down_arrow.jpeg).

4. If the item is not yet marked as Complete (for example, a current transcript that shows as "Status: Request not yet started...," you have the option to remove it. Click or tap Remove.


Note: For more about different statuses and what they mean, see how to view and edit your recommendation requests.

5. Once you have removed the incomplete item, you have the option to re-add that item to your application by selecting the button below the missing item (for example, an academic recommendation).


6. Go to your locker and select the item you want to add to your application. See how to attach a document from your locker to a college application for more information.





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