How do I submit requested transfer forms?

If you are a transfer applicant, you may be required to submit one or both of the following forms:

If you must submit either of these forms, they will be listed on the Documents page of an application. To submit the form(s):

1.  Navigate to the Documents page of the college application.

2. Click or tap the "Download" link for the requested form (PDF).


3. Follow the instructions on the form itself to fill it out and submit it to the college.

4. To submit it to the college, you can either:

  • Check the box for "I will send the report by mail." If you check this box, you must then place the completed paper form in an envelope and mail it to the college via postal mail.
If you choose to mail the form via postal mail, you must find the correct mailing address from the college's website or other college resources.


  • Scan a completed version of the form, and upload it directly by selecting Attach from your locker or device. Once you have uploaded a form once, it is stored in your locker for future use and you can attach it from your locker.
Any time you attach a document to an application by uploading it from your computer or device, a copy is saved automatically in your locker. This makes it easier if additional applications require that document since it can be attached from your locker without a need to upload it again.


See Attach a document from my locker to a college application for more information.



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